Game experience questionnaire (GEQ)

Method suitability

Study type

XField studies
XLab studies
Online studies

Development phase

Early prototypes
XFunctional prototypes
XProducts on market

Studied period of experience

Before usage
XAn episode
XLong-term UX

Evaluator / Info provider

UX experts
XOne user at a time
Groups of users
Pairs of users




Web services
PC software
Mobile software
Hardware designs
XOther: Games


Trained researcher
Special equipment


The questionnaire consists of different modules: 1) Core module - concers actual experiences during game play; 2) social presence module - concerns gaming with others; 3) post game module - conserns experiences once a player has stopped gaming.


the questionnaire can be applied after playing the game, several times over a longer period - also to see the changes in the experience. It is applicable for lab and field evaluation studies


Captures the game experience based on a number of items (such as positive affect, comptence, immersion, flow, challenge); Captures also the playing experience when playing with others, as well as the post-playing experience; A special variation for kids was developed; Easily to apply as extension for lab and field studies


Some items are difficult to fill in by participants when they only have a short time available to play the game (e.g. in lab settings)

References describing the method
IJsselsteijn, W.A., de Kort, Y.A.W. & Poels, K. (in preparation). The Game Experience Questionnaire: Development of a self-report measure to assess the psychological impact of digital games. Manuscript in preparation.

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