Allaboutux.org provides information about user experience (UX). The information on this site is collected from the UX community and is created and maintained by volunteers.

User experience (UX)

When using the term user experience, be careful. Different people understand it in very different ways. A group of UX experts has been working on UX White Paper, which is an important step towards a common understanding of the concept of user experience. The result is out now:
UX White Paper

You may also choose your favorite definition for user experience from our collection of UX definitions.

Theories behind user experience

We are currently trying to clarify which theories people base their user experience work on. If you are interested, check some preliminary information on UX theories and our CHI’12 workshop site.

UX evaluation methods

We have been collecting evaluation methods that focus on finding out how users feel about the system that you want to evaluate. The method descriptions come from people who have reported the method, not from us at allaboutux.org.

The collected methods can be categorized in many ways. Choose one of the several ways below to find a method suitable for your needs.

All UX evaluation methods
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Method type
Field studies (54)
Lab studies (66)
Online studies (33)
Questionnaires / Scales (20)

Development phase, i.e. material available
Scenarios, sketches; i.e. concepts (24)
Early prototypes (22)
Functional prototypes (69)
Products on market (75)

Studied period of experience
Before usage (25)
Snapshots during interaction (37)
An experience (of a task or activity) (64)
Long-term UX (29)

Evaluator / Information provider
UX experts (10)
One user at a time (75)
Groups of users (8)
Pairs of users (6)